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  • Roadside Assistance
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  • Lockouts
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Affordable Auto Services in Lincoln, NE

Wiestar Towing prides ourselves on providing affordable, professional, and reliable towing services in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. To request our expert assistance, give us a call at (402) 476-9697.

24-Hour Service

With our service, you can get help whenever a difficult situation occurs, so you can reach your destination on time. Our experienced staff is ready whenever you need support.

Reliable Roadside Assistance

You can count on Wiestar Towing to perform tire changes, jump starts, fuel deliveries, or lockouts when your car is experiencing unexpected breakdowns on the road.

Your Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We, at Wiestar Towing, are friendly, highly skilled, and make sure they offer you excellent service and that your satisfaction is guaranteed with us.

Why Choose Us?

Wiestar Towing is a family-owned business that was founded in 2004 to provide quick and safe assistance on the road, including transportation services and parking lot management. We are locally operated to support drivers in a timely manner and are easily accessible 24/7 by calling (402) 476-9697.


Write to Us

Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell
Quick and professional.
Amanda S
Amanda S
Had a tire blowout on the interstate was over 100° TJ and Paul were quick to come out and help and made the payment super easy after calling three other companies in town THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN *HIGHLY RECOMMEND*
Harrison Gubser
Harrison Gubser
My Jeep decided to test the skills of my 15-year-old self, by blowing a ball joint! Yay! I was able to keep the car on the road until a driveway, and pulled in there. Keep in mind, this was at S 84th st. and Pioneers, in Lincoln, Ne, a very busy intersection. I called Wiestar Towing at the recommendation of my uncle and grandpa, both of which are local mechanics, and own/used to own their own shops. I'm sure glad they did! Took some work to get the wheel off and onto a block, but we were able to get it on the flatbed, and out to my uncle's shop. When it got dropped off, they took cash OR card. Thanks for all your help!
Jason V
Jason V
Arrived fairly quickly and the guy was pretty cool
mya tams
mya tams
tj was the driver who came and picked up my car he was the nicest person I’ve ever met he was super professional and explained the process as I’ve never got my car towed before and he took a weight off of my shoulder getting my car towed would 100% recommend wiestar for towing!
Chelsea Perry
Chelsea Perry
My car got impounded last night and I was super frustrated and took it out on the man I talked to on the phone and the tow truck driver who released it back to me, they were very patient with me and I would like to apologize to them for the way I was acting, next time I’ll make sure to read the signs, I do understand that you guys are only doing your job, sorry again guys and thank you for being so understanding.